Upgrade Your VW ID.4 with Convenient Accessories

The Volkswagen ID.4 is one of the most popular new electric SUVs, offering a long range battery, spacious interior, and sleek modern styling. While the ID.4 comes well-equipped from the factory, adding a few select accessories can enhance the utility and customize the look of your EV. Upgrading with heavy duty roof crossbars and innovative door accessories is an affordable way to get even more function and style from your ID.4.

Upgrade to Heavy Duty Cross Bars for Added Utility

Most VW ID.4 models come with basic crossbars attached to the roof rails. While functional, these stock crossbars have limitations in the weight they can hold. Upgrading to heavy duty aftermarket cross bars opens up greater utility options.

Quality heavy duty cross bars let you carry more weight than the stock crossbars. Loads up to 150 pounds can be securely transported when properly mounted. This allows you to attach various racks and carriers to your ID.4 roof.

Bike racks, cargo boxes, kayak carriers, and more can all be mounted to heavy duty cross bars. The strength of these robust bars provides stability when carrying heavier gear on your trips and adventures. Load up bikes, skis, luggage, and other equipment worry-free.

The high quality build of heavy duty cross bars also offers great durability over stock crossbars. Constructed from strong aluminum or steel, these bars withstand vibration, weathering, and load stress over years of use. Their secure attachment points properly distribute weight evenly across your ID.4’s roof rails.

Upgrading to heavy duty cross bars greatly expands how you can use your ID.4’s roof to transport larger items conveniently. Take advantage of this versatile cargo capacity for work and recreation.

Cost Effectiveness of Upgrades

Customizing your VW ID.4 with heavy duty cross bars and door accessories allows you to upgrade the utility and style of your electric SUV without breaking the bank. While the higher trim ID.4 models offer more features, they can cost thousands more. With aftermarket upgrades like these, you can enhance the convenience and functionality of a lower trim ID.4 at a fraction of the cost.

The heavy duty cross bars and door accessories featured here are made of high quality materials and engineered to precisely fit the ID.4. So you can upgrade key features like load capacity, soft close doors, customized handles, and security without compromising safety or style. These accessories integrate seamlessly with the existing design of your ID.4.

For owners seeking to get more out of their VW ID.4, aftermarket upgrades strike the perfect balance between affordability and quality. You can create a more customized and capable electric SUV tailored to your needs. The result is an enhanced daily driver with premium amenities, all while sticking to your budget.

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