VW ID.7 ID7 TPE 3D Car Floor Mats Cargo Liner Trunk/Backrest Pad Waterproof Left Rudder

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  • 1.Superior Protection: Designed specifically for VW ID.7 ID7, these TPE 3D car floor mats provide unparalleled protection for your vehicle’s interior. Made from high-quality materials, they are resistant to water, spills, dirt, and wear, ensuring that your car’s floor remains clean and pristine.
  • 2. Perfect Fit: These car floor mats are precisely tailored to fit the contours of your VW ID.7 ID7, ensuring a seamless and secure fit. With their non-slip backing, they stay in place, providing maximum coverage and preventing any movement or shifting during use.
  • 3. Easy to Clean: Cleaning these car floor mats is a breeze. Simply remove them from your vehicle, hose them down, and let them air dry. The waterproof design ensures that any spills or messes can be easily wiped away, keeping your car’s interior looking fresh and new.
  • 4. Enhanced Safety: With their textured surface, these car floor mats offer excellent traction, reducing the risk of slipping and sliding while driving. This added safety feature provides peace of mind, especially during wet and slippery conditions.
  • 5. Stylish Design: Add a touch of elegance to your VW ID.7 ID7 with these sleek and modern car floor mats. The left-hand drive design perfectly matches the interior of your vehicle, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. Elevate your driving experience with these stylish and functional car floor mats.

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