ISSE Super Textile Snow ‘Chains’ for Volkswagen ID.4

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Snow chains for id 4 Sold as a set of two (2).
vw id4 snow chains specifically designed to provide better traction on icy or snowy roads.
Easier to store and install than conventional metal chains.
Lighter and much easier to carry and manipulate than metal chains.
Sized to fit the tires you use on your VW ID.4.
Made of a high-tech, high strength fabric that absorbs moisture, drains it and increases friction between tires and the road

Volkswagens provide good traction in most driving conditions, but for owners who live in northern climates where heavy snowfall is common, there are times when an additional assist is necessary. One solution is old-school snow chains, but they’re heavy and difficult to install and remove. That why EVANNEX has chosen an alternative approach that gives you excellent traction (and safety) when your Taycan encounters snow-covered roads.

ISSE Super Textile Snow ‘Chains’ for Volkswagen ID.4 are made using a specially designed braided fabric that helps increase traction on snowy or icy roads. This unique product slips over your vehicle’s tires and increased friction between your VW and the road

Each order of ISSE Super Textile Snow ‘Chains’ for VW ID.4 provides you with two (2) ‘chains.’ Volkswagen ID.4 iuses ISSE Size 70 ‘chains’ and will fit the following VW OEM tire sizes:



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