Emergency Spare Tire Kit for Volkswagen ID.4

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Addresses one of the biggest?Achilles’ heels of your ID.4 – no spare tire!!
Tire comes pre-mounted, inflated, & ready for your next road trip
Includes a set of new lug nuts
Optionally includes install tools: scissor jack, lug wrench/tire iron, mechanic’s gloves



A victim of the cost-cutting wars of the new car market (along with a focus on performance driving dynamics), ID.4 models do not come with a spare tire. Hopefully you haven’t encountered the need, but if an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure, you may find an emergency spare tire kit to be worth its weight in gold on your next road trip.

If you’re actively hunting for the best spare tire kit for your VW, you’re probably familiar with the limited number of really good spare tire solutions for these cars. Look no further! Our spare is the one to invest in:

DOT approved 20×5″ alloy spare wheel ensures safety on the road
175/70R20 spare tire maintain rolling circumference within 1% of factory specification to remain compliant with ABS, traction control, and drive systems
New lug nuts (included) are one less variable to think about and add additional peace of mind.
Make your purchase a real one-and-done by adding a convenient package of installation tools – scissor jack, lug wrench/tire iron, and a pair of mechanic’s gloves to keep your hands clean.
You’ve conquered range anxiety – now overcome flat tire anxiety!?


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